Providing High Speed, Highly Secure wireless communication system using LiFi technology.

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Velmenni, the modern day synonym for high speed wireless data transmission and internet access solutions; has emerged as a leading player in the technology centric Li-Fi industry which uses the visible light spectrum to facilitate high speed data communication upto 1Gbps, which is faster than the present day Wi-Fi. Our technology uses lightwaves from LED devices for data encryption, thereby simultaneously addressing two problem areas- illumination and data service provision. This substantially reduces infrastructural intricacies & energy consumption while providing for a much more cost effective, environment-friendly, sustainable & scalable alternative.

Apart from providing high speed and cost effective solutions, our technology is also much more secure and less intrusive than the existing Wi-Fi technology, as lightwaves unlike radiowaves do not travel outside a closed room, nor do they interfere with the other devices; which makes this technology extremely beneficial for aviation and other related industries. We have already held successful trials of the Li-Fi technology in various offices and industrial environment in Tallinn, Estonia and are presently doing numerous pilot projects to utilize Visible Light Communication in diverse industrial contexts. We’re now looking to integrate Li-Fi and Wi-Fi to create more efficient and productive networks.

With scientists achieving a speed as high as 100 Gbps under laboratory conditions using the Li-Fi, we’re talking advanced data & illumination solutions targeted at the masses along with numerous potential possibilities that can be explored and championed through this disruptive technology.

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